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I want to create a portfolio slash small business website; for posting my work and also offering my services for web design, graphic design, etc! Can you recommend the best web host if possible with free domain name?

genius|best domain hostAnswer:  Here is a quick guide in searching for your best hosting company and domain seller:

 Common Misconception

A lot of website owners do mistakes in selecting their web host just because it is offering cheap web hosting service without identifying firs their hosting requirements.


Your web host should meet or exceed your hosting requirement so that you won’t meet any problem later on. For instance, if you want to get a web host with free domain in their package instead of registering your own domain name at any best domain registrar site then be it.

In fact, there are a lot of premium website hosting companies these days that are providing free domain registration in their package for the first year of hosting with them. This could actually save you from paying your own registered domain. However, when it come to renewing your domain, you need to pay for the renewal fee if you want to still use it. Aside from that, free domain feature is good only for hosting 1 domain name, if you want to host a lot of domains then you need to shoulder any additional expenses for registering your added domains.

Most Recommended Web Host with Free Domain in their Package

Based on your cheap web domains query above, why not try Namecheap, a popular alternative to Godaddy.

genius|best host companiesIf you are also looking for a web host, why not try Fatcow. If you are building your first website and needs a hosting package, we highly recommend you go with Fatcow. Do not forget to do a search for Fatcow review to see what we mean. Fatcow gives free domain name, no limit on bandwidth, more-than-enough diskspace, unlimited add-on domains, friendly Sitebuilder and much more for such a low price. You can subscribe with Fatcow for only $4.67/month (using the coupon below).

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